CK100 - Fan

The CK100 is an in-line centrifugal duct fan with high capacity and excellent reliability. It operates on 220-240 VAC, 180 mA.

It has a casing made from galvanized steel and is moisture resistant. It is approved for installation in humid or damp environments being rated IP44 when installed in a duct system.

Capacity: 250 - 1100 m³/h depending on the size

Available for 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, and 200mm pipe.

CK500 – Wind Powered Fan

This fan uses wind power to ventilate. The efficient design allows the fan to work at low wind speeds and it is not dependent on the wind's direction.

The fan is made ​​of aluminium and painted black.

Capacity: 300 - 1300 m³/h depending on wind speed.

Available for 110mm, 125mm and 160mm pipe.

CK700 - Solar Powered Fan

Color: White

This fan uses power generated by the built-in solar panel to ventilate.

Easy to install, it is recommended to mount the fan on a South facing wall for maximum exposure to sunlight.

Capacity: 60 m³/h

Available for 110 mm pipe.

F100 – Leachate Level & Overflow Protection

This simple accessory helps determining the leachate level in composting tanks.

It can also be used as emergency overflow protection to avoid the compost becoming wet due to a too high leachate level.

CL110 - Toilet Seat

Replacement toilet seat for the CL200, CL300, CL310, CL400, and CL410.

CL120 - Toilet Seat

Color: White (glossy)

Replacement toilet seat for old Clivus toilet stool. Made of glass fiber and polyester resin, with a gelcoat (pigmented polyester resin) finishing.

CL130 - Floor Plate

Color: White (glossy)

Required to install a CL400 or CL410 on an old Clivus toilet stool. The plate has a 28 cm opening. Made of glass fiber and polyester resin, with a gelcoat (pigmented polyester resin) finishing.

CL140 - Urinal Trap (for old CL100)

Replacement trap for CL100 waterless / dry urinal. Uses an airtight baffle to seal the pipe to prevent foul smell from the pipe to enter the bathroom.

The trap is located under the stainless steel drain of the CL100.

CL141 - Urinal Trap (for CL100 & CL101)

Replacement trap for CL100 & CL101 waterless / dry urinal. Creates an airtight seal to prevent foul smell from the pipe to enter the bathroom.

CL141  Dry Urinal Trap

P100 – Submersible Pump

Color: White (glossy)

Depending on the usage and amount of evaporation it may be required to empty the leachate from the composting tank. To facilitate this we offer this submersible pump from Ebara. It has a magnetic float switch for automatic operation and starts when the leachate reaches a certain level. Made almost entirely of stainless steel. It operates on 220-240 VAC, 2-3 A on full load.

P700 - Vacuum Pump

H x D x W = 21 cm x 74 cm x 26 cm

Pre-wired and assembled vacuum source. Can be placed at up to 15 meter horizontal or up to 1.8 meter vertical displacement from the toilet. Can be placed at up to 6 meter horizontal or 1.8 meter vertical displacement from the composting tank.

It connects to a 38mm/1.5 inch discharge pipe. Operates at 12 VDC, 6 A or 24 VDC, 3 A.

Used in combination with the CL510 and CL700. See Toilet Fixtures

T1000 - Liquid Storage Tank

Content: 1000 litres (1 m3)

Color: White (semi-transparent) or Black

These tanks have been recycled / pre-used.

T2200-T7500 - Liquid Storage Tanks

Content: Available in various sizes from 2200 litres (2.2 m3) to 7500 litres (7.5 m3)

Color: White or Black

Rotation moulded, made of durable recyclable polyethylene.

Starter Bed Material - Wood Chips

Content: 100 litres

Wood chips used for the starter bed and to maintain a healthy compost heap in the composting tank.

Ecoligical Bucket and Brush

Compost Worms

Name: Eisenia Foetida

Worms can be used to stimulate / speed up the composting process.